Catching Bream

Catching Bream
Posted by Jason 19th June 2012.

Heres some great rigging examples when fishing for Bream across the Gold Coast.

They’re great fun to catch & good to eat.  There’s ALWAYS plenty of them throughout the Canals, Creeks, Rivers, Beaches & Offshore.

Bream often swim in schools and bigger fish can put up a solid fight when hooked.  Fish with lightest tackle possible (no more then 6lb). *When you feel a bream bite never (immediately) pull back on the rod or wind in – Instead FEED IT A LITTLE LINE & ALLOW IT TO RUN WITH THE BAIT Then Strike “lightly” 2-3 seconds following the run and you’ll increase your catch rate.  Keep in mind the time of day and the tides if you want to catch the bigger fellas… fishing early morning and night time always produces best result around the turn of the tide.

As Aztec and Pete are kicking my butt all over the place in the current 2012 GCFC Bream Comp… hopefully they will also share the location of the shop they are buying them from or AT VERY LEAST give us some of their local tips….   

Aztec and Pete are winning the 2012 GCFC Bream Comp with great catches like these…

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